Tasmania invests in automotive education

Tasmania invests in automotive education: TACC Grant and TasTAFE upgrades

Tasmania’s automotive education sector is receiving a significant boost through two major initiatives aimed at enhancing training capabilities and addressing industry skills shortages.

TACC has secured substantial government funding to improve automotive apprenticeship programs, while TasTAFE is upgrading its facilities to provide state-of-the-art training environments. These developments represent a coordinated effort to strengthen the state’s automotive workforce and align educational offerings with industry needs.

TACC has received a grant through the Tasmanian Automotive Training Partnership which is supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Department of State Growth’s Industry Partnerships Program. The Chamber will utilise this funding to support TasTAFE’s initiative to implement a new delivery model for automotive apprentices. The primary focus is to upgrade learning management systems, providing ‘teacher and learner ready’ nationally recognised learning and assessment resources.

With over 900 automotive VET students and apprentices currently engaged at TasTAFE, this initiative will play a crucial role in addressing industry skills shortages over the next two-to-three years. TACC will collaborate with the VACC Skills Development Centre and TasTAFE’s Automotive Education team on this project.

“We have a lot of work to do to improve future outcomes for these young people, and already TasTAFE is demonstrating that. Re-imagining TasTAFE’ is not just a catchphrase,” said TACC State Manager Bruce McIntosh.

In a related development, TasTAFE will unveil a new ‘industry current’ training facility at its Devonport Campus. This upgrade includes improvements to the refinishing spray booth, refinishing area, and body repair area. The investment aims to provide enhanced support for industry autobody and refinishing apprentices.

These initiatives represent a significant step forward in automotive education and training in Tasmania, aligning educational resources and facilities with current industry standards and needs.