The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) and Tasmanian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (TACC) provide crucial business support and advice to member businesses that can help save time and money, and make running a business easier.

Bringing business to your door

VACC is a brand trusted by Australian consumers and members belong to a professional association which has supported automotive businesses for more than 100 years. The famous orange VACC sign, the mark of the automotive professional, is promoted to motorists through advertising, media initiatives, marketing and sponsorships. Members are entitled to display the VACC brand on their business premises, leveraging a known and trusted name that generates consumer confidence.

Getting the technical edge on your competition

VACC members have access to VACC’s extensive technical information resource, the largest automotive service and repair library in the Southern hemisphere, manned by a call centre of experienced technicians. Members also have access to more service and repair information through Tech Online, Tech Estimate and the highly regarded Times Guide, allowing them to repair and service more makes and models than the competition. VACC Technical Services is the trusted choice of automotive trade professionals Australia wide via the OurAuto brand, and is a major data supplier to some of Australia’s largest service networks.

Making employment less stressful

Workplaces can be a minefield. With employment contracts, disciplinary and termination procedures, WorkCover claims or unfair dismissals it can be difficult to know the best course to take, and expensive if things go wrong. VACC members have access to expert industrial relations advice and information, and representation from industry experts. Up-to-date wage rates, superannuation tables, employee handbooks and fact sheets are all available to members online. Best of all, this support is all automotive industry-specific, and exists to benefit member businesses, not the bottom line of a law firm.

Keeping you ahead of the game

Be on top of the latest industry trends. VACC’s Research department regularly publishes information and insights that directly benefit members and help shape government policy. Members will be the first to benefit from this key knowledge with information channels that are designed to suit them: Australian Automotive (Australia’s premier motor industry and business news magazine), Tech Talk  (a monthly technical news and repair information journal) and Update (an industrial relations newsletter for motor industry employers), along with VACC’s numerous websites and social media platforms including LinkedInYouTube and Facebook.

Taking the hassle out of recruitment

Hiring an apprentice is a great step for your business to take. But there can be a lot of paperwork and hassle. Having the automotive apprentice experts on hand saves time and is great insurance. VACC Automotive Apprenticeships recruits only high performing applicants and trade qualified mentors provide regular monitoring visits, keeping track of schooling and apprenticeship progression, making it easier for you to get on with your job.

The Apprenticeships Helpline covers all apprenticeship-related matters, while access to the Immigration Department’s VEVO Visa Checking website allows online verification of visa work rights. There’s also a VACC JobFinder portal available for all your job vacancies.

Keeping you safe, not sorry

VACC’s OHS&E unit can help you run a better business, while keeping on the right side of the law when it comes to all-important health, safety and environmental work practices. Professional OHSE personnel are available to provide you with assistance, information and representation on health and safety obligations (state and national law), workers compensation, environmental obligations and sustainability practices. VACC has developed industry-specific products, policies, procedures, guidance and templates to support your business. Members can access consultancy services and workplace inspections from qualified VACC OHSE professionals.

Shaping the future

Should you choose, you might like to take an active part in a VACC Divisional Committee representing your industry sector. This way you can help set the policy agenda and drive positive change for the automotive industry. It’s also a great way to network and stay on top of the latest trends.

Building strength through numbers

Taking its direction from member-led Divisional Committees, VACC lobbies state and federal governments for the betterment of the industry. Belonging to a powerful group of industry professionals, under the recognised and respected VACC brand, will empower you to change your sector for the better.

And it just paid for itself

VACC membership can save you money. VACC has negotiated cost-saving business deals to help your bottom line, including banking, office supplies, courier services and site cleanup. Taking advantage of these carefully selected offers from trusted partners could easily pay for your VACC membership. VACC members also enjoy exclusive discounts at the OurAuto iStore.