Skilled labour – Keeping the state moving

It’s no secret Tasmanian businesses find it difficult to attract labour.
We all know the pain of not being able to get staff and the automotive industry is no different.
TACC has a long history of doing something about it.
Currently, TACC employs and places almost 90 apprentices all across the state. That’s vital work.

We’re also heavily involved in training, and work with schools and TAFE colleges to help young people develop serious, real-world skills that can help TACC members run better businesses.

In the end, Tasmanian motorists are the real winners. After all, what would you do if you couldn’t find someone to service or repair your vehicle?
Taking it a step further, what would you do if you couldn’t get petrol or diesel at the service station because the trucks delivering it were not in safe working order or needed new tyres.

What about the ambulances and fire appliances and police vehicles? I’d hate to think about a world without them.
All of this relies on Tasmania’s automotive industry, and the industry needs labour or it will grind to a halt.

I’m really proud of TACC’s long-term commitment to training the next generation of skilled labour into the automotive industry.

We not only source and place apprentices into the industry, we also have apprentice Field Managers who visit apprentices at their place of employment to ensure they receive everything they need to succeed.

That’s why our completion rate is 85 per cent, which is way higher than the national completion rate of 56 per cent.

And that’s where TACC excels.

Words: TACC State Manager, Bruce McIntosh. As published in the Hobart Mercury 14 June 2024